Raffaella Crispino and Eden bannet: Transit 3

10.12.2009 - 28.01.2010

Eden Bannet and Raffaella Crispino’s joint exhibition is part of a collaboration between the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) Tel Aviv and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Naples (MADRE). In the project Transit, young artists from cities in the Middle East such as Cairo, Beirut and Istanbul are paired with promising Neapolitan artists and invited to present their joint work in MADRE. This exhibition is the second step of a project exhibited in MADRE in October 2009.

Both Bannet and Crispino investigate Naples and Tel Aviv, questioning the artist’s perspective when invited to create in a foreign city. Can an artist-tourist discern between the clichés that define cities and the hidden nuances? Despite different languages and aesthetics, both artists share the same voyeuristic gaze. They examine a series of contradictions familiar to both cities: holiness and profanity, ancient and modern, joie de vivre and an interest in death, the elevation of the ordinary and the banalization of the sacred

Curators: Adriana Rispoli, Eugenio Viola and Maayan Sheleff