Tamar Harpaz: Kitchen Sink Drama

08.05.2014 - 02.07.2014

This May, rising Israeli artist Tamar Harpaz will use both floors of the CCA to create her largest and most ambitious installation to date. Harpaz is best known for sculptures that use light, mirrors, and lenses to create uncanny optical illusions. Combined into meandering installations, they unfold into narratives that touch on the cinematic and spectacular, but lay bare the simple mechanisms of their creations.

At the CCA, Harpaz will both delight and challenge viewers by manipulating their sense of perception and scale with an installation mounted on the ground floor, but perceived differently from the balcony floor above. Various elements will be viewed through custom-designed optical mechanisms that combine to form images of an ordinary kitchen that has gone out of balance, speaking to the histories of feminism and domestic life and to experiences of conflict and war. In form, the work combines notions of the still and moving image – photography and cinema – with those of installation.

About Tamar Harparz:
Tamar Harpaz (born 1979, Jerusalem, based in Tel Aviv) earned a BFA and MFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design where she teaches today. She is the 2013 Keifer Prize winner awarded by the Wolf Foundation. Her work has been shown at MACRO Testaccio in Rome; the Israel Museum, Jerusalem; the Tel-Aviv Museum; the Petah Tikva Museum; Vela Gallery, London; and Spaces Gallery, Cleveland. She is represented by Sommer Gallery.

An exhibition catalogue with texts by CCA’s curator Chen Tamir and a conversation between Dganit Berst and Tamar Harpaz – here.