SPLASH! A Special Project by Vivian Ostrovsky and Silvi Simon at the Jaffa Port

10.10.2013 - 28.10.2013

Opening October 10th, 20:00 at Jaffa Port, Hangar 2.

Ends October 28th. Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11:00am-9:00pm (Closed Sundays) The CCA and Jet Lag Productions are pleased to announce SPLASH!, a 16mm film installation created collaboratively by artist-filmmakers, Silvi Simon and Vivian Ostrovsky.

Made from film projections screened upon or through Simon’s optical sculptures (Filmatrucs) or seaside ready-made objects, the images evoke a dream-like ocean environment. Ostrovsky and Simon’s film loops are projected onto devices that fracture and manipulate them, creating a mosaic of deconstructed images that evoke evanescent seaside memories. The films combine found Internet footage with the artists’ own documentary film material, merging personal and collective recollections. Both Ostrovsky and Simon consciously flirt with digital imagery. However, their film practice, as well as the core of this installation, refers to the nascent days of early motion picture projections and the first personal cameras (Super 8 and 16 mm) with their physical and ephemeral qualities.